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Posted: May 28th 2004, 5:27 pm
by K-man
It is funny how I associate certain years or periods of my life with different aspects of MTV. Where I was or what I was doing when such and such or so and so was on MTV. It has been and continues to be such a big part of life for me. I say that ALL reality shows are a rip off the Real World. I love the Real World. On another this current season in San Diego the most BORING real world yet or is it just me.?.

Posted: May 29th 2004, 2:22 am
by Guest
Oh no, you are accurate....the San Diego season is definately the most boring. Hasn't been good for awhile. I think they need to stop trying so hard with the casting. Drama queens do not make good drama. They make me want to stick a fork in their necks. I am hoping to God that Frankie leaves the show never to return. I can't think of a more pathetic representation of a life on broadcast tv show in a while. She is ridiculous. Wish they could go back to the season 1 formula where they were just living together and going about their own lives instead of being forced to work together and indulging in bottomless bottles of beer. I am tired of seeing the castmates acting for the camara and playing eveything up. Get over yourselves for chrissake. They need to cast people that have never owned a television and have never seen an episode of the show....and it would be so much better.

Posted: May 31st 2004, 8:40 am
by Nostradamus
Real World: London was the only cast I really liked, and could actually picture myself living with for several months. Any of the others I would've gone postal on.

We had an "I want my MTV" blitz here once, when the local cable reshuffled its channels. This was pre-digital, so there were only about 50 slots to go around, and MTV got dealt out. The teens and college students got whiney real fast, and I think they even made placards and marched in protest. Cable company figured it out soon enough.
candygirl wrote:I could be wrong, but I think that The Heights aired on Fox, home of 90210 and other 90s Aaron Spelling shows. I remember Jamie Walters went on to play Donna's abusive boyfriend on 90210, and I still remembered Charlotte Ross from playing a prostitute on Days of Our Lives. :mrgreen: The last thing I remember from The Heights is that "How Do You Talk to an Angel" hit number one the same week that the show was cancelled. Hahahaha!

Just imagine what I would be capable of if I cleared out useless facts like that and used my brain for other stuff.
The other day I was watching West Wing when I realized that Richard Schiff was the man with the newspaper in Ronin, but just now I checked it on IMDB and it wasn't him, it was Ron Perkins. That devastates me.