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while I was away....

Posted: Jun 2nd 2003, 11:16 am
by pgh kenny
While I was away from it seems that the off-topic forum has had a bunch of babies! I don't know that I am smart enough to process that high of a level of organization but I'm going to try...

so I just bought a pda for the first time... a toshiba with integrated wireless / pocket pc. I am addicted to it. who knew a tiny computer could be so much fun!

Posted: Jun 2nd 2003, 11:27 am
by Megs
Good to have you back, Kenny! :D

Posted: Jun 2nd 2003, 11:47 am
by fnordboy
Welcome back kenny. :)

PDAs are fun, I have a Handspring Visor, fairly old since I have had it for 2 years or so. I use to use it constantly, but lately I haven't been, don't know why maybe its because my cell phone does almost all I need it to do. I need to get back into my PDA, though now I want a color one lol. Good luck with it.

Posted: Jun 2nd 2003, 1:38 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Yes, the off topic forums were going at it like bunnies for a brief period and now we have all these nice new babies :wink:

On a slightly more serious note, glad you're back kenny!!


welcome back

Posted: Jun 2nd 2003, 1:43 pm
by lance
Welcome back Kenny,

Place has not been the same without you.



Lance Man

Posted: Jun 2nd 2003, 6:54 pm
by Nostradamus
Good to see you back, Kenny. And with your original screen-name, no less! PGH AU-Hater didn't roll off the tongue the same way, though I'm sure we all shared the sentiment.


My best friend got a Clie a couple of years back. He had absolutely no practical use for it, but liked having another gadget on his already heavy tool belt. It was a lot of fun until he broke the touch screen...


Posted: Jun 3rd 2003, 6:43 am
by starbug
welcome back kenny :)

Posted: Jun 4th 2003, 12:22 am
by GaryEA
Kenny's back! Boo-YAH!



Posted: Jun 4th 2003, 8:25 am
by pgh kenny
thanks for all the welcome backs... I always knew all the action at was over here in the off-topic world :)

Posted: Jun 4th 2003, 2:20 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Such a change from that year of DVD forum action, eh?


Posted: Jun 4th 2003, 2:25 pm
by mglenn
We could make it that much fun Candygirl. Just tell us your going to release "The Girls of MSCL.COM DVD"! :theangel:

Posted: Jun 4th 2003, 2:26 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
We're going to start off with a calendar, then move into the DVDs :wink:

Posted: Jun 4th 2003, 2:40 pm
by mglenn
Will it feature a different split each month?

Posted: Jun 4th 2003, 2:50 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I think we could manage that. Our first request!

Just imagine all the pictures we could come up with for our playing cards.


Posted: Jun 5th 2003, 10:33 am
by pgh kenny