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Posted: Aug 28th 1999, 12:51 am
by angelika
Hey! I'm at my friend's house, so I decided to stop in and check out the ol' board again--hope you all are doing well. School started and I've hardly gotten any sleep since. I'm not really enjoying it much so far--I guess that's what you get for being such a dedicated student!! :-) Anyway, I have to go... hope to come back again soon. Take care!


Re: Bonjour!

Posted: Aug 28th 1999, 1:30 am
by BeeJay
Angelika!! Hey, good to hear from you. So, life goes on without the internet, heh? It's been kinda slow around here since you've been gone. So...hey.

Re: Bonjour!

Posted: Sep 1st 1999, 7:49 am
by Guest say Bonjour (which is a french word) and you sign Katie? I am not sure but are you...nooo you are?;o))If I say Laetitia, Julien and Seb does it mean anything to you? Cause if so,I am happy to know angelika is you!
My message is strange but she will probably understand.......

Re: Bonjour!

Posted: Sep 1st 1999, 7:52 am
by Guest
oups again me....sorry you're probably not the person I thought.....:op