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Username backstories

Posted: May 21st 2003, 4:17 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
We already have avatar backstories, so now let's hear about why everyone chose their usenames.

I can't wait to hear thel long explanations that people like megs, lance, sab, and mglenn have :wink:

You can also share stories of your other usernames if you like.

Contrary to popular belief, my name is not candy - I chose candygirl because I like candy. No joke.


One of my email addresses is buttercup because

(1) The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies
(2) Buttercup (of the Power Puff Girls) kicks ass
(3) buttercups are so bright and cheerful!

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:09 pm
by Megs
Mine isn't that interesting. I had a guy friend in college who enjoyed adding an "s" to the end of people's names. My name is Megan, but I like Meg better. So when I was trying to think of a user name, Megs it was. Meg was already taken. :twisted:

I wonder why Debs is Debs? Same reason perhaps? :wink:

"As you wish!"

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:14 pm
by Megs
I need to go home. I didn't get that you were being sarcastic when you said you couldn't wait to hear the long explanaiton behind my name. I just now got it. I need sleep. :oops:

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:15 pm
by ducksqueak
I really like rubber duckies. They are fun and playful and remind me of my childhood. I gave rubber duckies out as favors at my sweet 16. They actually say my name and the day of the party. I have a collection of over 30 rubber ducks. Rubber duckies squeak, hence the name ducksqueak.

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:19 pm
by TomSpeed
My username backstory makes no sense.

I started playing Monopoly online a few years ago. Players who used the Monopoly CD (the Westwood Version or Version 1, which is no longer made) met on the Westwood Server (which has since closed). I had a hard time coming up with a name that hadn't already been taken. I had a mild interest in NASCAR. The Racecar was my favorite Monopoly token. And I liked Speed Racer cartoons. I thought the name of one NASCAR driver sounded cool -- Lake Speed. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's the good ole Southern boy in me. Anyway, LakeSpeed had too many letters. MikeSpeed also had too many letters. After a few random first names, I put in TomSpeed. It worked. So, that's how I got the name TomSpeed. I've been Tom, not Mike, on Westwood, and most other places in cyberspace, ever since.

Sometimes, I use the name tigermike. Clemson is my alma mater. It's mascot is a tiger. My real name is Mike.

I don't know. I might change my username to something else.

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:51 pm
by Sascha (sab)
Yeah, "sab" isn't really an exciting username :)

The only interesting thing is maybe that my two names actually mean the same: "Sascha" is just a russian nickname for "Alexander". My parents originally just wanted to name me "Sascha", but back in 1975, "Sascha" was not an allowed name for boys in Germany. So they had to find a second name (to make it clear on legal documents that I'm male)... quickly ... and all they came up with was "Alexander" :)

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 5:03 am
by starbug
My username comes from the Red Dwarf TV series (like my avatar)... I was trying to think of something simple and recognisable that made a bit of sense but not too much... plus I love Red Dwarf :D

Unfortunately most forums I have tried to register at already have someone who got there first with Starbug. Ditto for a number of options (I like 'Ripley', 'Fury', 'Nostromo', and 'ChineseDemocracy').

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 8:17 am
by meggrrrl
My name is Megan, but I go by Meg most of the time. Years ago when I was on aol, the screenname meggirl was already taken so I claimed meggrrrl. I liked the growling sound of it and the riot-grrrl connotation. (I also claimed meggrrl and meggrrrrl, so no one else would have a name too close to mine.) Since then I've been consistent with using that screenname everywhere I go, though I'm not even on aol anymore. It's hell to have to constantly spell my email address, it's too confusing. But easier than making a change!

By the way, Megs - did you notice that you and I are the same age, have the same name and live about 2 hours from each other? Weird!


Posted: May 22nd 2003, 8:27 am
by mglenn
You learn something new everyday... who knew that there were laws about naming children in Germany???

Anyway my first name is Mike, hence the "m". Last name Glenn, hence the mglenn. Not very orginal I know. As far as nicknames go my cousins always called me Gigs and some still do, which was short for Giggles McGlenn because I giggled alot as a child.

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 9:04 am
by Megs
meggrrrl wrote:By the way, Megs - did you notice that you and I are the same age, have the same name and live about 2 hours from each other? Weird!

I didn't realize we lived so close to each other! Strange! I always noticed that we were the same age. :D Where in MD do you live, if you don't mind me asking? I was just up in Towson last weekend. My brother and his fiance live up there.

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 10:01 am
by Nothingman
Nothingman is a title of a song by Pearl Jam, which i'm sure most of you already knew. I chose it because it was one of my favorite songs in highschool, and much of the time i felt like a nothingman. I figuered i'd pick a name that reflected my high school years.

once divided...nothing left to subtract...
some words when spoken...can't be taken back...
walks on his own...with thoughts he can't help thinking...
future's above...but in the past he's slow and sinking...
caught a bolt 'a lightnin'...cursed the day he let it go...


Posted: May 22nd 2003, 1:57 pm
by lance
Mine was simply enough,

my name is Lance.


Lance Man

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 1:58 pm
by Megs
But why the lower case "l", lance? And why not "Lance Man"?


Posted: May 22nd 2003, 2:08 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Inquiring minds want to know!


Laziness (couldn't be bothered to stretch a pinky to the shift button)?

Modesty (very humble guy we're talking about here)?

Low self esteem (doesn't feel worthy of capital letters)?

Paranoia (capital letters will jump off the screen and eat your face!)?

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 2:33 pm
by fnordboy
hmm my name. I don't know where it actually came from, I have been using it for a few years on several forums and the like. It has been one of my email addresses since, atleast, my site was created.

The "fnord" comes from the irreligion Discordia, and the writings of Robert Anton Wilson, primarily The Illuminatus! trilogy. Fnord is defined here, lol but that really won't be of much help...or will it ;) ?

i just added the "boy" on because a- i'm male and b- it seemed to go good.

I don't know.