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What sites do you visit regularly?

Posted: May 21st 2003, 3:51 pm
by mglenn
Being that I like to waste time at work :oops: I'm wondering what sites everyone visits for the latest news and gossip.

My Favorites are: - IBM DeveloperWorks - Kernel Traffic

I'm sure there are others I should check out...

Posted: May 21st 2003, 4:09 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I love love love TWoP
For gossipy stuff, I check the news at

Posted: May 21st 2003, 4:22 pm
by Nothingman

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:11 pm
by Megs
I was going to say, too.

But for gossip I don't go anywhere...

I do go to a private message board that formed from a wedding website I used to frequent three years ago. :oops:

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:21 pm
by Sascha
sites I check (at least) daily: (german IT news page)

and for gossip:

Posted: May 21st 2003, 5:32 pm
by fnordboy
Sites I frequent daily: - latest anime bittorrent downloads - like, duh - thanks candygirl ;) - Bob and David from Mr. Show's website

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 4:53 am
by starbug - this one has the funniest 'tests'... :D :D good for celeb gossip

Also, recently, - planning a trip...


Posted: May 22nd 2003, 9:17 am
by lance

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 9:46 am
by TomSpeed Monopoly Ladder, which is sadly dying a slow death. Like duh! Probably the best, and last, site of it's kind -- an online literary magazine. I'm a subscriber. The best movie review site on the web. Her sarcastic humor is pretty close to mine. My number one source for news! I'd love to be a panelist on "What Do You Think?" When I'm feeling down, these guys pick me up. The newspaper of record? I'm disappointed by the recent fake story scandal. What's going on in Tampa Bay? Get the scoop on Clemson Tiger sports. Really great Claire site. Always up to date! Funniest political commentary on the Web. Very liberal, very anti-Bush. I like him anyway!

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 11:35 pm
by meggrrrl
Wow, you guys are geeks.

Just kidding, like I'm so cool! My list is pretty lame. I always check my email, then a messageboard that a group of friends and I have, which I'm afraid is private. Then i come here.

Sometimes I hang around on ebay, check the onion, the spark (although it's gotten boring lately) or buy something on amazon. Also mommy sites like,,, or Yup, I'm pretty badass. Fear me.

Oh, and I like to google myself and my family. Our last name is Parker, so we're good for a google.

And nothingman, I have to tell yuo that I love the Counting Crows. I'm not a die-hard fan, but I was in love with Adam Duritz for a long while, and he did infulence my decision to name my son Adam. (No, I didn't name him after any of the other famous Adams - Sandler, Corolla, two of three Beastie Boys, etc!)

Meg #2

Posted: May 22nd 2003, 11:46 pm
by andrewgd for up to the minute news culled from everywhere. He got big during this last 'war', its the easiest place to go for good links to the important news stories of the day. And there's no bias I can see. They just tell us what happens...very little commentary, if any at all. 'cause I'm a LEGO Star Wars freak. Buy your kids some damn LEGO sets! Its absolutely positively the BEST way to encourage creativity in a child. Worked for me! great for the strange/interesting links for the day. Almost a news site, but much more a commentary site. Like Slashdot, but less Geek oriented. Gotta have the crazy movie scoops. A little more professionally presented movie scoops. Gotta get my PC demo/game news as well! <-comic sucks most of the time, but the commentary is sometimes fun. <-best damn webcomic on the web. I went bowling with the guy on his b-day. I knew the girl who draws this one. Its cool that she's become fairly known in the webcomic community. I also dated the leggy blonde character in the comic. Mmm mmm.

Posted: Oct 7th 2004, 9:44 am
by Nostradamus

Crazy news, photoshop contests, flamewars, etc.

Keeps me up-to-date on my celebrity stalking.

Etymology dictionary for all your word-origin needs.


Posted: Oct 7th 2004, 9:26 pm
by lance
In addition to the ones I listed earlier here are some more I visit daily...

Bartcop For all the latest in news and moderate and left of center American Political opinion.

For the latest in Cincinnati related news from a left of center opinion.

Cinematic Happenings Under Development
Great source of information for the latest in movie and DVD news.


Posted: Apr 28th 2005, 10:41 pm
by crimson-glow
Sites I check daily.. <3

and then my e-mail, and lately I've been looking at this site quite a bit. :D

Posted: May 9th 2005, 5:55 am
by Nostradamus - Essential for understanding all those odd words, acronyms, and insults that pop up in life, but aren't in a respectable dictionary. - A MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries online gaming league. Yes I am a geek. - Home of the Northwind Highlanders, my unit in the above league. We're recruiting! Need more geeks... - A Star Trek fan fiction/RPG club. Excuse me while I adjust my pocket-protector.