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Posted: May 9th 2005, 5:45 pm
by Nothingman
Good call on the Urban Dictonary. I especially enjoy looking up the nicknames of my friends on it, just to see what the other meaning are. My hockey team did an email of all of the nicknames on the team and the defenitions from this site, hillarious.

Posted: May 9th 2005, 11:09 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I love the Urban Dictionary too - it cracks me up!

Posted: Feb 14th 2006, 4:46 am
by Kate and her Guitar
I regularly go to another forum based around LM Montgomery's books (a bit lame, I know, but I grew up with those books! Anyway, we rarely talk about the books now as we're all growed up) I@ve been on this forum for about 5 years and we sent each other xmas presents and stuff. Everyone's really friendly.

I also love to visit for the Bunnies.

I thought I'd post up the website I do for my ex boyfriend's band. Although I think they're splitting up.