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Cool ! I am number 7 !!!

Posted: Mar 26th 2003, 10:09 am
by MartinPierre
I cleared my cookies and needed to log back into the forum.

Somehow, I no longer was sure what my username was, so I browsed the forum, looking for my username, only to discover I was registered under 2 usernames, Martin-Pierre and MartinPierre !!!!

You all know me under "MartinPierre", and "Martin-Pierre" uses an hotmail account I know longer use, but what is interesting, is that I was the 7th person to register on this board in order of dates !

that was on : Tue Jun 08, 1999 11:49 am

YEARS before there was even talk of a DVD !!!

This shows I really am not here only for the DVD, just in case some still thought I am Ross in Disguise...

And for those who are not confounded yet, I suggest you visit my homepage...

Now, If I only could remember my old password...

Posted: Mar 26th 2003, 10:12 am
by Martin-Pierre
Way cool !!!

It works !!!!

Posted: Mar 26th 2003, 2:33 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
This is the first forum where I ever registered (rather than JUST lurking) years ago, but I never posted anything under that username. When I returned in 2001, I just re-registered because it seemed like less hassle.

Posted: Apr 5th 2003, 9:04 pm
by Megs
I'm number 5. Sweet.

There was a time when Lance and I were head to head, and I actually had more posts than him. Remember, that, Lance? *Sigh* Those were the days.