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Yes...I finally found my way back for a visit!

Posted: Dec 25th 2000, 9:47 am
by worldsapart
Hi everyone that I haven't chatted with in FOREVER!! Merry Christmas, by the way. Anyway, my internet access in France really sucks, so I've just now gotten the chance to catch up on the board. I'm at an internet cafe in London where my friend and I are spending part of the holidays. It's the first time I've had more than half an hour on a computer since September. I know! It's a tragedy!

Anyway, I'm really curious about what all's going on around here. I read all the posts up until now, but I have to admit I was a bit lost. So many new people! Not that that's a bad thing... =)

What's going on with the second part of the soundtrack? I'm really anxious to hear it, so I just thought I'd ask. Also...that petition to get all the eps put out on that still going on?

OK, that's all I wanted to say right now, but hopefully I'll get to come back here a few more times at least before I'm back to my old crappy computers at school. Later!


PS- if anyone feels the need to email me, I'm using while I'm in Europe.
PPS- to comment to Mike Glenn on an earlier post of his- I like Buffy a lot too. =)

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Re: Yes...I finally found my way back for a visit!

Posted: Jan 22nd 2001, 1:59 am
by oldguy
Tracey --- You should have the second CD already --- I sent it to your Tennessee address. --- Old Guy