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Steve Joyner??

Posted: Sep 23rd 2000, 8:10 pm
by metallison
Does anyone know how to contact Steve Joyner, or know whatever happened to the Operation Life Support book he was working on a few years ago?

Re: Steve Joyner??

Posted: Oct 3rd 2000, 4:30 pm
by mglenn
I'm a slacker I know it! But I am selling my house and buying another....
Anyway on to what this is about. Steve is alive and well as far as I know his email can be located on the credits page of this site <a href=" ... w">here</a>. (He was the guy who registered and pays for the domain after all! And was the orginal project manager for the site till he ask me to take over at the beginning of 98' (if I'd only know what I was getting in to!)). As for OLS it was disbanded in May of 95' after ABC finalized the cancelation of the show. The real question is has anyone heard from or seen Cory who's site was the origial unoffical MSCL site?

Mike Glenn
Project Manager for MSCL.COM

Re: Steve Joyner?? (Kory Lasker)

Posted: Oct 3rd 2000, 7:54 pm
by richard
My amazing powers of reasearch have provided the following (unauthenticated) information.

You could try it if you wanted:

Kory Lasker
ICQ# 712 8986

Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Lasker, Kory (KL3657) klasker@IMPLICATION.COM
Havoc Publishing
1022 15th Avenue SE #2
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 378-0747

Hope it helps??