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Astrological Research

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 1:55 pm
by Nostradamus
What's your sign?

Gawd, that's such a cliche, but I couldn't resist. :P

Actually I'm curious to see if there's any astrological patterns among MSCL fans. A birth (sun) sign will suffice for my purposes, but those of you who know something of the stars can add more detail if you like.

If you don't know anything about astrology, it's not hard to figure out; nearly every newspaper has a daily horoscope, not to mention the zillions of web sites and books on the subject. Of course, you can always ask me, and if I'm not feeling too lazy, I might even give you an answer! Just don't ask me to do your chart -- I'm only an amateur and I don't have that much free time.

I'm Cancerian, BTW. :)

hey baby, how YOU doin'?

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 1:59 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Water signs unite! Is that anything like "Wonder Twin powers activate"?

No wonder we get along - I'm a pisces!

Both my parents and one of my sisters are cancers.


Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:04 pm
by Nostradamus
Candygirl: Me mum's a Pisces! And I know you like odd coincidences and connections, so how 'bout this: My father and brother share the same birthday, in Gemini, aka The Twins! :D

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:10 pm
by Megs
I'm a classic Pisces here. My best friend is a Cancer, my sister is a Gemini, and my other sister is a Virgo. My husband is a Scorpio.

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:15 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
My other sister is a gemini!



Here's the weird thing - I'm sort of the odd man out in terms of birthdays since my mom and one sister are in June and then my dad and other sister are July.

My boyfriend is a pisces and his family is the opposite of mine (or converse or whatever the smarty pants math term is) - his parents and cousin are all born in February/March and his sister (who is the same age as my sister, we're talking a few days apart) was born in July.

His parents' birthdays are five days apart and my parents' birthdays are five days apart. Weird?

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:20 pm
by Nostradamus
LOL! Remind me to tell you about the Lincoln/Kennedy synchronicities some time... :shock:

And with the Rayanne thread in The Show, this is quite a posting volley! We're bouncing back and forth like a tennis ball! :P

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:24 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Somehow life has been breathed into the MSCL forum outside of the DVD threads - woo hoo!!


Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:42 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I would like to add that it is soooo great to view who is online and see that there are more people reading The Show & Off Topic than the DVD forum. For the longest time, there would be tons of people online and every single person was in the DVD forum. I think we are getting our equilibrium back!


Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:44 pm
by Nostradamus
Well, Candygirl woke me up again, so here's the basic sun signs.
  • Aries: March 21-April 20
    Taurus: April 21-May 20
    Gemini: May 21-June 20
    Cancer: June 21-July 22
    Leo: July 23-August 22
    Virgo: August 23-September 22
    Libra: September 23-October 22
    Scorpio: October 23-November 21
    Sagittarius: November 22-December 21
    Capricorn: December 22-January 19
    Aquarius: January 20-February 18
    Pisces: February 19-March 20
Remember, the dates vary slightly from year to year, so if your birthday is near a border you might consult an ephemeris to be sure.

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:47 pm
by Megs
March 2nd b-day here. I share it with both Dr. Suess and Jon Bon Jovi. That's really all you need to know about me. :wink:

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 2:53 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
You are in good company - one fish two fish red fish blue fish/Tommy used to work on the docks!

No one interesting shares my birthday - every year when they list "who was born on this date" blah blah blah. I keep hoping that someone cool and interesting who they have forgotten for the past 20+ years will make the list, but no.

An interesting birthday website: Where is your birthday in PI?

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 3:05 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Okay, I take it back - I was born on the same day as Ravel, Comstock, Tammy Faye, Ivan Lendl, Taylor Dayne, and Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band. Yeah, that's way better than Dr. Seuss and Bon Jovi. Or not.


You can find out about your birthday at Any Day in History

I feel like I should be putting these links in the other thread. :?

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 6:29 pm
by Megs
Ooh! Add Mel Ott, Karen Carpeneter, and Jay Osmonds (of the Osmonds!) to my list! :D

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 8:00 pm
by SanDeE*
My birthday is December 8th = Sagittarius. I share my birthday with Sammy Davis Jr., Manuel Ponce, Diego Rivera, Gregg Allman, and Jim Morrison. It's also the anniversary of John Lennon's death.

My boyfriend is a Pisces, brother is a Libra, mother is a Leo, father is an Aquarius.

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 9:28 pm
by Nostradamus
I should mention that my only friend that already knew about (and liked) MSCL is also a Sagittarian, on the cusp of Scorpio. My Leo friends enjoy elements of the show, but I'm still trying to get them hooked.