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Did you know Jason's old homepage is still up?

Posted: Aug 11th 2002, 9:19 am
by Nostradamus
Um, I feel a little wierd posting this, especially since Jason probably won't see it for another week and a half, but I think it's OK because he sort of gave me the idea. I was just browsing the old threads when I came across a post by Oldguy about DVD concerns in which he joshingly pointed out that no one really knows who Jason is and he might turn out to be a con man (this was back in April, mind you). Jason posted a response in which he acknowledged that many people (at that time) were fearful that the DVD sale was a big fraud. His suggested solution was simplicity itself: run an internet search on his name and BMG to verify that he and the company really exist! (These two posts, btw, are under the "Self Esteem" thread in The Show. Don't ask me how they got there :roll: ) Now, I never took Jason to be the criminal type, and I was already fairly certain that he existed, at least online if not in a physical body, but I was curious so I thought I'd try his idea. That was easy! I've thought about why he never mentioned this site, since it's actually quite nice and was obviously made for public viewing, and I think I know... he forgot! The page was last updated about two or three years ago, which would have been about the time he graduated from Rutgers and before his work with MSCL. In all likelyhood he assumed Rutgers deleted the page after he left and by the time he had his own fan club on the forum he just spaced it. So anyway, here it is, the antique Jason Rosenfeld homepage:

Also found his old web log:

Gathering dirt on Jason

Posted: Aug 11th 2002, 11:02 am
by ClarenceWorley
Remember ladies, he's now taken. :D

RU pride!

Posted: Aug 11th 2002, 8:49 pm
by medellia77
I already had a lot of respect for Jason for bringing us this wonderful DVD set, and now that I know he's a fellow Rutgers grad, I'm even prouder!

Rutgers College '00

he does exist...

Posted: Aug 13th 2002, 8:17 pm
by GordLacey
Yup, Jason does exist and I've met him a few times (LA, Vegas, and last week). He's a great guy, and he takes this set very seriously. I've talked to him when he's stressed, and I've seen him answer emails when someone has an urgent problem. I also watched him walk down the aisle with his lovely bride.

Yes, he does exist.


Posted: Aug 13th 2002, 10:56 pm
by dTheater
Whoa, Jason was in a progressive rock band? Awesome! Rock 'n roll...

Posted: Aug 13th 2002, 11:41 pm
by GordLacey
dTheater wrote:Whoa, Jason was in a progressive rock band? Awesome! Rock 'n roll...
He also performed a song at his wedding. It was pretty good.