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Someone please forward this to

Posted: Jun 29th 2003, 2:41 am
by Jason R ... n&ie=UTF-8

Frankly, I'm shocked, but also not surprised. I never even heard of until tonight.

If you have a chance, please also report this to investors on RagingBull. Perhaps they will consider a shareholder lawsuit. I've had enough of them, or I'd do it myself. Thanks.

Posted: Jun 29th 2003, 11:12 pm
by ducksqueak
Maybe I'm stupid, but I'm not sure what this means. Is Ross' former company under investigation?

Posted: Jun 30th 2003, 11:39 am
by MartinPierre
Jason, did you ever heard from Ross the name of the company printing the bonus DVD ??

I had not heard of the company name at that point, and since they still didn't have the material yet.

To me, it was at that point irrelevant, since I doubted the material was licensed at all.

But somehow, I get the feeling it MIGHT be

It was months ago tough, and it was on the phone with Ross so it might be my mind doing tricks.

But he did say on the phone he needed to ship the DVDs BEFORE making the Bonus disc partly because that way, he would have the money to pay for the manufacture of the bonus disk.

Wouldn't be odd if he was the manufacturer all along ?

Posted: Jun 30th 2003, 11:57 am
by Jason R
Dude, this just gets scarier and scarier every day.

I just don't know. I think EasyDVD was nothing more than a shell company/boiler room stock scam.

Why couldn't google have this information 2 years ago? I hope that people at least look him up before considering doing business with him these days. Plenty of info out there now.

Posted: Jun 30th 2003, 2:01 pm
by MartinPierre
It is quite possible...

But I guess we'll never really know if he intended to actually make the DVD at all !

He could have given me a fiction company name ! I should have noted it down and posted it on the forum.

Posted: Jun 30th 2003, 9:06 pm
by pgh kenny
From: ... YN&read=22

CMI Holdings is near to launching a new e-commerce site ( ) , aimed at the Role-playing and collectable card game market place (a $2 Billion marketplace that includes the Pokemon card game and the new Dungeon and Dragons game)

Contracts and Other Holdings

CMI Holdings has contracted with ( ) , to provide technical support, maintenance and fulfillment services. EasyDVD is nearly finished with development, and is preparing for a mass market advertising campaign, on and off line. The Company will provide the database updates and ship all sales to the end consumer. CMI Holdings has an equity stake in EasyDVD.

CMI Holdings was hired to do design, fulfillment and maintenance for Big Monster Toys, an e-commerce web site specializing in the import of Japanese toys and products. The most visible of these properties is the Pokemon license from Nintendo. Under the agreement, CMI Holdings will be responsible for web site development, upgrades and growth. CMI is to receive $400,000 in the first year from Big Monster Toys and 20 percent of the retail transactions. CMI also gains a 20 percent equity stake in the company. The web site is under construction.

CMI has developed a toy drive web site for the San Francisco Boys and Girls club. The site took donations for an evening fund-raiser at the Union Square FAO Schwarz, and provided an online way for donors to purchase toys for the kids served by the Boys & Girls Club. CMI reports that the site is being considered for national recognition and possible awards at the annual Boys & Girls Club national conference, and may be used by the national chapter as a fund-raiser prototype for clubs nationwide. Estimates indicate that such widespread use of the prototype could easily result in over $3 million of purchasing through CMI in the Christmas season alone. The Company has retained ownership rights to the URL and the business.

CMI Holdings Group has recently agreed to provide online product fulfillment for ( ), to supply all manner of hard to find Anime (Japanese animation products - CDs, toys, DVDs and videos) "This is a lot of niche stuff we're getting, not what you'll find at Walmart," says Rojek. "These include items that had small manufacturing runs in the low thousands of units. Some gorgeous action figures from the Akira movie for example."

While comic book buyers tend to be about 80% male, according to Rojek, he says Anime attracts a lot more women. "The anime customers are almost 50% women."

The buzz is CMI Holdings is close to announcing some huge News related to some cutting edge technology!

Posted: Jul 1st 2003, 1:17 pm
by mephisto
now I'm confused - didn't Rojek sell CMIH and didn't the new CMIH take a new direction (some medical stuff)?

Don't worry...

Posted: Jul 2nd 2003, 1:15 am
by GordLacey
Don't worry, that's a post from 2001. Old, old news.