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Nicky Driscoll
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Re: Zip

Post by trustella » Jun 6th 2003, 8:29 pm

smidge wrote:I've still heard zip from AU. Sent in the refund form two or three months ago now. E-mailed three weeks ago. No answer. E-mailed again. Still no answer. Now what? Am I just not a winner in the Refund Lottery?
I too have gotten no response to my emails of late. I'd recommend resending a copy of the form via registered mail or with Signature Confirmation or something so that you have proof that they've received it. I've gone ahead and prepared a 6-page letter for my credit card company with 40+ pages of documentation...I'm preparing to try and dispute a year-old charge! Let's see what happens...

Jason R
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Post by Jason R » Jun 6th 2003, 8:34 pm

Also, there is a free service called Use it on all emails to Ross and Co. I know I do. That's how I know when the weasel is reading my emails but pretending he didn't get them.

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Post by So-Called Angel » Jun 21st 2003, 1:33 am

Got my refund cheque and it DIDN'T bounce.
I was so sure that it would. Will wonders never cease?

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