Wow, a response from AU regarding my tracking number

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Wow, a response from AU regarding my tracking number

Post by kidbro77 » Dec 3rd 2002, 4:31 pm

WOW, I receied a reply from them, after emailing 5 different email addresses!

Here's what happened: I had tried to cancel my order awhile back, but did not receive any sort of confirmation that my order had been cancelled, so I was under the impression that I would still be getting my DVD's. I recently received some reverse charges on my credit card bill and was thrilled to death, thinking that they were refunding me for the doublecharge mistake they did back in August. However, I'm not sure if they reversed the charges for my cancellation instead? Either or, I am still waiting for one more refund/reverse charges on my credit card bill. And being under the impression that my cancellation had not gone through, I wrote to them asking for a tracking number. Here is what they replied with:

Upon researching your order, I found it was canceled on 10/31/2002.
Because the order was canceled, you obviously did not receive any of
the information regarding shipping or a tracking number, nor is your order going to be shipped out. However, since you are emailing me asking me where your order is, I believe there may have been a mistake. If there has been a mistake and you do not want your order canceled, please email me as soon as you can. and I will fix this mistake ASAP and make sure it is sent out to you. As soon as I fix the problem, I will email you with an update on your order.
-Thomas, Customer Service at Another

your thoughts? I'm wondering if I should have just uncancelled and waitied for my DVD's. My fear was that if I uncancelled, they would charge me AGAIN for it. And now that I have responded back with an email confirming that yes, I do want to cancel my order, that I'd still be ripped off since I am still waiting for one more refund/reverse charge. help? :?

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Post by Shlugen » Dec 3rd 2002, 5:24 pm

I was in the same situation. I cancelled on the drygrass site 3 days before it was announced that the sets would definitely be shipping. I knew my cancellation wouldn't be processed that quickly so I called and had them make a note to uncancel my order. I was told it would be no problem, but I called back every other day for the next week to make sure. I ended up getting my set a few days later. Luckily they didn't charge my card again (so far anyway). Hopefully your situation will have a happy ending as well. :)
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