in the UK got tracking number

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in the UK got tracking number

Post by wend74 » Nov 22nd 2002, 9:14 pm

ok i hope this means they are on their way i'm very excited :)

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Post by CyberSpud » Nov 22nd 2002, 9:21 pm

Yep, I just got one too!!! :-)

Not showing up on the tracking yet, but it looks like it's on it's way.

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Post by MovieMac » Nov 22nd 2002, 9:42 pm

Well, must be tracking number day then. I got mine, too. Though I'm not living in the UK but in Germany. What is strange but also great is that the tracking says my package already is in Cologne/germany. I certainly don't mind that, but why do they send me the TRACKING number when the package has almost arrived. Well, nevermind.

If they'd just process my double-bill, send the bonus disc, the lunchbox, the gift certificate, the free t-shirt and all the other stuff they promised... ;)

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Post by CheapWallpaper » Nov 22nd 2002, 9:51 pm

Well, I just got a tracking number despite recieiving an e-mail a month ago from AU confirming my cancellation :evil: .

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Post by Georgia » Nov 22nd 2002, 10:42 pm

I'm in Australia, got traking number a couple of hours ago.

'Twould help, but, if I didn't get a message reading "We could not find information for this Tracking Number. Make sure the Tracking Number is correct and try again. (1044)" when I visit the UPS site.

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Post by Starrox » Nov 22nd 2002, 10:54 pm

Til now, I've only been lurking, but I just had to register and share this...

I also got a tracking number a few minutes ago and my package's already in Cologne, too, which is really great cos that's only 100 km away! If I'm really lucky I'm gonna get my DVDs today! :D And I thought I'll have to wait til december... couldn't they have sent this email when the DVDs left AU? But oh well, I shouldn't complain, at least I wasn't double-billed or something like that!
BTW, does anyone know how tax/customs are handled by UPS?

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Post by MovieMac » Nov 23rd 2002, 12:17 am

Hi Starrox, we really need some more Germans here especially for infos about possible custom charges but it seems that there are no German customers who already received their set.

First, I think I'll have to disappoint you, 'cause you probably won't get your dvds today (saturday), as far as I know UPS doesn't deliver on weekends. Besides that your status probably says "PACKAGE IN CLEARANCE PROCESS" (mine does), which means the packages are in the hands of German customs and you never know how long that's gonna take. I know from experience that it CAN take loooong.

As far as i know UPS, as many other express carriers, do the customs/tax billing etc on their own, but since I've no idea how AU marked the packages, I can't say what exactly UPS will do. Assuming AU did declare the actual value ($99 or $115) we will have to pay customs of about 20EUR. :(

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Post by Hardware » Nov 23rd 2002, 4:54 am

Beware, I think that, if UPS have to pay customs fees in advance to get the package into the country, you also have to pay around 15 euros surcharge on top of the actual tax.

That is my experience in the past - hopefully AU have done the correct documentation that we won't pay import tax - we'll see!

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Post by kez » Nov 23rd 2002, 5:06 am

i've got my tracking number, too!

they STILL haven't answered any of my phone messages, nor emails, though!

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Post by mephisto » Nov 23rd 2002, 5:59 am

Starrox wrote:I also got a tracking number a few minutes ago and my package's already in Cologne, too, which is really great cos that's only 100 km away!
hm - my status is:
Billing Information Received - UPS has received shipper's billing information electronically. Billing information received does not indicate shipment pickup or drop-off. Please contact the shipper for more details
great :roll:
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Post by palace » Nov 23rd 2002, 6:30 am

i got a tracking number too - i'm truly amazed, and happy :D

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Post by cm » Nov 23rd 2002, 7:12 am

I just got my tracking number too but shows on the UPS site as 'Billing Information received' - from previous threads I take this to mean that UPS don't actually have my order yet.

They've got a very handy 'Transit Times' link at the bottom of the UPS pages in case anyone hasn't noticed it. Assuming they pick up the package today from AU, I should get it next Thursday.

The race is on between my Amazon & AU orders then.

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Post by Pedro » Nov 23rd 2002, 8:31 am

So I finally got an email from UPS yesterday cofirming that they have received shipping info from AU, and they gave me a tracking number too!


This may actually mean that I might get my set before Christmas!
(I can dream can't I ?) :roll: :lol:

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Post by canavan23 » Nov 23rd 2002, 11:12 am

I got a tracking number, despite cancelling 6 weeks ago. As I have ordered the set elsewhere, I am going to refuse the goods. I sent the following mail to ross (not that it will be read, the last 8 have been ignored)

What is up with you, you retard?

Isn't you processing my cancellation, and the following seven emails enough to convince you I dont want to deal with fraudsters?

If/when these discs arrive, I will do what I am required to do under British law:

Inform you that I have recieved your goods unsolicited. Keep the goods in the condition I recieved them for the 30 days that you have to come and collect them from me. Yes, you have to come and get them, I dont have to return them. If you fail to do so in 30 days the goods are mine. You still owe me $98.98

Please dont make me go to the expanse of coming over there to get my money back.

It is no longer anything to do with the money, it is the principal. No one likes to be ripped off, and i dont intend to be. I will get my money back. I do hope you understand that, I will get my money, if I need to come over and get it off you personally. I can't see it coming to this, hopefully the Internet Fraud Complaint Centre will spur you into action. Do you want my case reference number?

So Rojek, I suggest you either cancel this shipment and refund my money, or arrange to have it picked up in the UK and refund my money. Either way, you will refund my money.

I know it's a bit strong, but what can you do. These are the lengths this moron is driving me to.

Ho hum, at least it keeps the blood pressure up :)[/i]
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Post by giuditta » Nov 23rd 2002, 12:27 pm

I am in Ireland and I too got a tracking number ... excitement!! :D


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