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Posted: Nov 21st 2002, 5:10 pm
by Benebula98
Hey, I am trying to stay composed while really I want some heads on platters and I want them NOW. I am just having one of those days....NOTHING is going right and the silver lining could have been getting my FLIPPIN DVDs....but noooooooooooo. I preordered back in flippin February!!!! Where is my stuff? Of course none of my emails or phone messages are being returned.

Posted: Nov 22nd 2002, 1:43 am
by crimsonglowgurl
ya, im totally feeling the frustration...
i havent heard anything from au yet, they havent even charged me, for a company so hard up for cash thats surprising eh? Especially considering some people were overcharged!!! I wonder if me not being charged means they dont have enuf sets to SUPPLY ME WITH ONE!!!! :evil: Which u know, is fair and all being i ordered in feb *sarcasm*

Posted: Nov 22nd 2002, 5:03 am
by canavan23
Pedro wrote:Hey wend74, thanks for the tip but I already knew that 'Wild Horses' was a Stones track. I love the song, but agree that the Sundays version is much more amazing. Her voice is sooo incredible!

Glad you like it too 8)
But neither are as good as Gram Parsons version :)

(In my opinion, don't yell at me!!)

Posted: Nov 22nd 2002, 5:48 am
by canavan23
Gave Ross a last chance yesterday to at least reply to any mail from me regarding my cancellation that was "noted" on October 15th.
Still unable to run a business, he failed to do so, so I am now on the FBIs files somewhere :)

On another note, I ordered with Amazon the day I cancelled. Two weeks ago I checked my Amazon account to see if there was a shipping date. According to Amazon I had no orders pending, and had not placed any orders in the last 90 days. I thought "s**t, can't have pressed the submit button", so I then thought, "well, cheaper at deep discount anyway, i'll order off them". I did that, and sat back to wait for my shipping email.
Due to some Amazon magic, my order was there all along. I got my "your product is shipping" mail, and my card was charged. The same day I got my deepdiscount "your product is shipping" mail :) Add to this the fact that AU are probably going to send me a set, even though I cancelled my order over a month ago, I am probably going to be the proud owner of 3 sets by the end of next week :)

I should at least have 2 sets by the end of next week. I only need one, so I will sell the other on here, if no one objects, for the exact price my card was charged (approx £43) plus shipping (or no shipping if you can pick it up in Leeds).
If there anyone has any problems with that, I'll just ebay the second set.

At least it looks as though I will get to see the episodes this year, which was not something I was expecting to do 2 months ago :)

Posted: Nov 23rd 2002, 1:23 am
by worldsapart
Whoopee. No, I haven't gotten my DVDs yet, but I did get an update on my shipping status. Not from Au, mind you (even though I did email them), but I finally have more info from my tracking # (which has been "billing info received" for the last two weeks). Here's what I got:

Nov 22, 2002 3:08 P.M. HODGKINS, IL, US ARRIVAL SCAN

I still maintain that it's ridiculous that it took so long to ship when I ordered on the 3rd preorder day, but at least they are on their way. Maybe I'll have them in a couple of days.


Am I going to win??

Posted: Nov 25th 2002, 11:02 am
by Pedro
I called UPS today and asked about the wherabouts of my DVD set, and they guaranteed delivery today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to leave shortly after I made the call, so hopefully when I get back home the MSCL set will be sat there with my name on!!

The race is on fellow UK fans..... :)

i got a tracking number!

Posted: Nov 25th 2002, 4:05 pm
by Kt
well i finally got a tracking number after i called and e-mailed AU about 20 odd times. i should get my set tomorrow! i almost hate this, though, because i'm so excited today and what will happen is that my package will get lost or destroyed and i'll be devastated. oh well, i'll try not to get my hopes up too much...but it so hard not too!


Posted: Nov 25th 2002, 5:27 pm
by grizzle
Moaned everywhere else, might as well moan here too before I go to bed.

Still no tracking number, no sign of my money back from teh double charge, no reply to emails and certainly no dvds.

I think a great big GRR and some sleep are needed. Bye for now.

No tracking number here either

Posted: Nov 26th 2002, 12:32 am
by ZabbieGurl
Hi, my name's Leah and I'm new to the forum (although I've been reading posts on it for the past 4 months). I have not yet received a tracking number either. :(:(:( Are there others out there in the same situation??? I'm located in New York. But I got all the e-mails up to the end of October. I hope this means I'm still getting a set.

Re: No tracking number here either

Posted: Nov 26th 2002, 4:33 am
by fluxit
ZabbieGurl wrote::cry:
Hi, my name's Leah and I'm new to the forum (although I've been reading posts on it for the past 4 months). I have not yet received a tracking number either. :(:(:( Are there others out there in the same situation??? I'm located in New York. But I got all the e-mails up to the end of October. I hope this means I'm still getting a set.
I'm in the same boat. No contact since October. I've given up on waiting for AU to come through.
To make sure I receive one, I ordered a second set from and a shipping notification from them showed up in my inbox last week.


Posted: Nov 30th 2002, 2:19 am
by Dustin
I live in Ireland (a place in Europe) so the whole business was really horrible for me. I was one of the people who signed the petition, pre-ordered, got ripped off, got some of the money back. Let them keep the rest, but this sort of scam would be in the newspapers over here. Has anybody contacted any journalists? Though God help them dealing with the half wits who work for AU Good news is that a copy is in the post from Amazon. Thats the important bit. Hope the rest of you get yours before Christmas!!!

Posted: Nov 30th 2002, 2:30 am
by zero
Dustin wrote:Has anybody contacted any journalists?
I've mailed the Guardian here on the mainland uk - both the weekend review and the consumer watchdog. I'm going to chase it up once we get the improved petition online.

Posted: Nov 30th 2002, 7:07 am
by Pedro
So after getting all excited by the prospect of receiving my DVD set, UPS then tell me that - oops - they made a mistake in telling me to expect it with their guranteed delivery. In fact, the set hasn't even been picked up from Another Universe yet.

It's now Saturday the 30th november, and I have no news about the arrival of my boxset, despite having a UPS shipping number for over a week. This is massively frustrating because if AU would just post the damn thing then it'd be here in a few days, but for some reason they just wont ship it. Why? I am so frustrated that my eyes are welling up so angry I could cry.

I just can't understand why they are refusing to ship it. They keep on lying via their voicemail, and they know that we are over a barrell.


Posted: Nov 30th 2002, 2:17 pm
by wend74
hey pedro sounds like we are in the same boat
AU totally suck and i'm starting to get really miffed by this whole fiasco
i've had my tracking no. since last friday and they still don't appear to have picked up the package grrr i could have got on a bloomin boat to the west coast and picked it up and been home for my tea with the damn thing by now!! grrrr some more

Posted: Dec 2nd 2002, 11:55 am
by Jennifer
...sigh...still no DVD's. I have a tracking number, and the discs were picked up, but they were last scanned on 11/25. Through last night, the UPS website had a delivery date of 11/27 (umm...update much?). When I spoke to them this morning, they said, "uh...your delivery is scheduled for tomorrow."

Great. How much faith do I have in THAT??? If you guessed none, you win a prize. Unfortunately, that prize is not a MSCL DVD, 'cause I don't have those yet!