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Posted: Nov 17th 2002, 10:47 pm
by zero
wend74 wrote:i would have thought the international sets should have been shipped first as they would take longer
The international postage would have cost Ross more, I'm assuming he hopes some international customers will die of old age in the meantime and he can save a few bucks.

You are still waiting for your AU order right? I'm in London also, and have cancelled & gone with the mighty Amazon - I'll race you!

Posted: Nov 18th 2002, 6:09 am
by starbug
Alright - it's on. I'm in London too...


race you!

Posted: Nov 18th 2002, 8:00 am
by Pedro
Ok, its nice to see some other UK fans waiting for the set too... i'm in Liverpool so lets see who gets their set first!

Also, it looks like the whole world loves Buffy! So many people I know love it - my mates from uni, my mates at home,work colleauges,
even a guy I went on a date with last week loves it! Shame MSCL didnt reach the same level of adoration.

I haven't ever really got into the show myself, but I did recently buy the soundtrack cos of a song that I love called 'Wild Horses' by the Sundays.

What a gorgeous song :)

Posted: Nov 18th 2002, 8:41 am
by zero
first person from the UK to get the set and post here wins!

See - up untill now I was being calm about the due date, but now I'm eager.

Just occured to me - I'm moving house on the 1st of december. oh poop.

Posted: Nov 18th 2002, 7:10 pm
by wend74
oooh pedro wild horses as recorded by the sundays is indeed gorgeous....but be careful its a stones track! i offended a big rolling stones fan by not knowing that about 6 years ago when it was a b-side!
but it is more beautiful as sung by harriet anyday :)

Posted: Nov 18th 2002, 9:06 pm
by worldsapart
So I've been checking my tracking number every day since I got it (Nov 6) and my package has STILL not gone anywhere. They received my billing information 2 weeks ago, and yet no DVDs for me. And I'm NOT overseas -- I live in freakin' Tennessee! Grr. I've been very patient so far, but this is just a bit much.


Posted: Nov 18th 2002, 10:01 pm
by Pedro
Hey wend74, thanks for the tip but I already knew that 'Wild Horses' was a Stones track. I love the song, but agree that the Sundays version is much more amazing. Her voice is sooo incredible!

Glad you like it too 8)

Posted: Nov 18th 2002, 10:08 pm
by flwrchild2
I still haven't got my tracking number. What can i do abou that?? Mike said that they were shipping mine out on fri. yeah right, still haven't gotten the stupid shipping number even though he said they would email it to me. Surprise, surprise! I don't know what to do over here. I just wanna tell these people off!

Im from the Uk too

Posted: Nov 20th 2002, 7:58 am
by chudge
I live in Wolverhampton and I am completely baffled by the tracking number thing , what the f$&k is that, im willing to take part in this who gets their DVD first thing, though. Truthfully the reason I stuck with AU is because of the Bonus disk and lunchbox. Im wiling to wait as long as they dont send my order to the wrong address, then Im gonna be completely peeved anyways they said they would send me an E-mail when my order got shipped is that what you get your Tracking number on, can any one tell me if there in the same situation cause, im trying my bestest to be patient, but Im going to go and get all my paper work out and see what the real deal is.

Posted: Nov 20th 2002, 10:59 am
by starbug
well, I've got shipping confirmation from Amazon! :)

11-18 days from now I'll get them. The heat is on...

Posted: Nov 20th 2002, 11:15 am
by zero
starbug wrote:11-18 days from now I'll get them. The heat is on...
I'm sooooo going to get them before you.

Posted: Nov 20th 2002, 11:21 am
by starbug
zero wrote: I'm sooooo going to get them before you.
Are yours coming from Amazon or AU?

And the winner, does, I agree, get gloating rights, but let's not get premature about it :D

Posted: Nov 20th 2002, 11:25 am
by zero
starbug wrote:Are yours coming from Amazon or AU?
You think I'd be taunting you if i were still dependant on AU? Amazon priority shipping. Oh yah!

Still - i'm moving house in a week - so I fear I may be f***ed.


Posted: Nov 20th 2002, 1:52 pm
by Kt
my set was also supposed to be sent out the 15th and yet i have heard nothing from AU. has anyone from the 2nd wave gotten a tracking number?


Posted: Nov 20th 2002, 8:44 pm
by flwrchild2
Well, I got my tracking number, but they are sending it to the wrong address! So, I am pretty much screwed! I called and left a message so hopefully they will correct it as soon as possible....I should have gone to Best it wouldve been quicker and a hell of a lot cheaper! Well, at least there is some progress being made, but one step forward and two steps back I guess. Anyone know how long it would take them to correct the address mistake?? Is it going to take even longer now?? AHHHH!