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MSCL DVD - Post here ONLY if you have your set!

Posted: Nov 6th 2002, 6:15 pm
by gizmodvdx
Hey all. This is the official thread to post in when you get your DVDs. Please do NOT post if they are in the mail, or to talk about overcharges. This post is ONLY for people who have there DVDs physicaly in there hands. Thank You.

Posted: Nov 6th 2002, 7:09 pm
by ms_gwyn
yea I got mine, very happy about it, now wondering how long it will take for the 'extras' which is the reason why I stayed with the company in the first place.

ms. gwyn

got mine too

Posted: Nov 6th 2002, 7:42 pm
by Babybug33
Hi! Just thought I'd let everyone know that I got mine today. I am very happy about it! Now I just have to look forward to the extras coming...

where are you at

Posted: Nov 6th 2002, 9:33 pm
by kappster
I don't have mine, but if you have yours and post here, include what state you live in if you don't mind. Curious to see where they are going and how quickly. Month you ordered would be interesting too. And hell, might as well state if you were overcharged or not.

Posted: Nov 7th 2002, 12:32 am
by Wilda
My box arrived today. :D I live in California, about three hours from Sacramento, so they didn't have that far to go.

If I remember right, I ordered in March.


Re: where are you at

Posted: Nov 7th 2002, 10:12 pm
by So-Called Loon
Yay! Got them today! :D

I'm in Utah. Took 3 days for delivery. Still have an overcharge of $115.

Posted: Nov 7th 2002, 11:37 pm
by Alee
I just got home and mine were here!!! :D I live in Colorado. I was shocked to get them, though, I've felt kind of in the dark about everything that's going on, and I haven't received any emails or tracking numbers or anything from AU. I almost can't believe it. To be perfectly honest, I've been trying to keep up with everything here, and I don't even know if I've been overcharged...could someone explain what the overcharges were? The total on the bill said $115. I ordered in September, prior to the original supposed release date.

Posted: Nov 8th 2002, 1:40 am
by TessD1891
Alee wrote:...prior to the original supposed release date.
:lol: actually, the original release date was way earlier than September...

Posted: Nov 8th 2002, 6:51 am
by kez
well, i ordered in february, and don't have mine.

curious as to how people have received their's, and only ordered in september :roll:

Posted: Nov 8th 2002, 6:10 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
kez wrote:well, i ordered in february, and don't have mine.

curious as to how people have received their's, and only ordered in september :roll:
Maybe AU threw all of our orders in a hat and is randomly pulling out names?

Posted: Nov 9th 2002, 11:03 am
by BizyBee
Got mine yesterday. I live in Southern California.

Now, if I could only get AU to change my shipping address so that the lunchbox and bonus disk would actually be sent to where I live! :roll:

Posted: Nov 11th 2002, 10:57 pm
by Maagic

Posted: Nov 12th 2002, 4:23 am
by mog
i suppose you could say i received them -- they were delivered to my house, but no one was there to sign for them :(

since when do you have to sign for UPS? they always just drop stuff off at our house


Posted: Nov 12th 2002, 2:19 pm
by just-likeKrakow
i ordered mine in april..............and live in kentucky.

Received it today while i was home for lunch!!! Even watched a bit of it!

Posted: Nov 12th 2002, 6:36 pm
by icawa
Just to let you all know, I received the set I ordered in February an half hour ago, around 5:00 pm est. I live in Maryland.