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Posted: Oct 5th 2002, 9:09 am
by Fedup
David Lambert wrote:
I find it infinitely amusing that the early adopters who helped get this product off the ground, and arguably without whose support this DVD may not ever have gotten made, are getting shafted.

Don't you know that early adopters always get shafted?

Raise your hand if you bought a DVD player in 1997/98 and paid more than $300-400 for it. Raise your hand if you bought any recordable DVD player prior to 2002, and paid over $1000 for it.

Okay, I'm done here.

Agreed, but we're talking DVDs here, not new cutting edge hardware technology. Usually, when you pre-order a DVD from a site (which is what a lot of people did) you get a cheaper price. The infrastructure to create and package DVD already exists and has been streamlined. You also don't expect the horrendous level of customer service that AU is shoveling out.

Posted: Oct 5th 2002, 3:34 pm
by LetsBolt
yeah i agree....DVD's are dvds and have been out for a while 35 or 40$ or whatever the money difference is, its way too much of a difference or we wouldnt all be flipping out like this..

Uh oh....

Posted: Oct 5th 2002, 6:12 pm
by kenickie
Uh-oh.... a saying I have springs to mind. Sh*t the bed.
Not very nice, but quite fitting.
No wonder I couldn't get onto the site last night... it must've gone into meltdown. Now I, yes I, calm but slightly annoyed of England am thoroughly PISSED OFF. :evil:
Talk about the last straw. If AU don't tell us what we'll be getting and when and then what ELSE we'll be getting I'm afraid my order with them will also be cancelled.
I wonder if anyone from Amazon has been reading this site.. talk about guaranteed orders....